Wenzhou Feirui Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.
Produk utama: Taman bermain dalam ruangan, taman trampolin
Wenzhou Feirui Amusement Equipment, Naughty Fort, Large Trampoline, Parent Child Restaurant, Non standard Outdoor and other professional products A company engaged in production and processing has a complete and scientific quality management system. Our company's technology Power based management, scientific, professional, and humanized. Amusement equipment is domestically advanced In terms of level, our company focuses on residential communities, amusement parks, kindergartens, parks, shopping malls Restaurants and other indoor and outdoor venues are designed to promote national fitness and children's intellectual development Provide professional tools for the event. Brand strength, one-stop service, worry free throughout the entire process, dedicated to building a strong brand.
10 years of brand strength and professional team Opening gift package, after-sales support, Real time 24-hour online service, ensuring your investment is guaranteed Served over 100000 amusement park entrepreneurs Customer's fastest cost recovery record in 20 days Let you buy with confidence and earn money with peace of mind